7 Steps for Nude Lips like Kim Kardashian

This should be especially helpful to you if you have naturally highly pigmented lips and want nude  lips  like Kim’s.

1. Smooth your lips. You can skip this step, but if you have dry lips you should exfoliate with a toothbrush.  Just add some water to your toothbrush and gently brush your lips in a circular motion to scrub off dead skin.  Pat dry with a towel and add a little bit of lip balm.  Let the balm absorb for a few minutes before you apply any makeup.

2. Pick your lip liner/lipstick colors. Pick colors that look natural on your skin.  Your lip liner should be darker than your lipstick and should resemble your natural lip color.  Your lipstick choice is really your preference, but personally I like Kim Kardashian’s look; it works for most skin tones.

Kim uses MAC Lipliner in Stripdown then tops it with MAC Angel lipstick and a NARS Turkish Delight lip gloss. Pictured below.

Kim Kardashian makeup

TIP:  A little teeth whitening wouldn’t hurt.  Nude lips have a way of bringing out the yellow in teeth.  I don’t know if Kim has it done, but many celebrities do it.  It makes the nude lip look even better.

3. Conceal your lip color. Apply your usual concealer or foundation lightly to your lips with a makeup sponge.  If your lips are naturally highly pigmented, try a concealer color a few shades lighter than your skin.  Lightly powder your lips.  Less is better. Repeat if necessary, but be careful, you don’t want your lips to look cakey.

4. Apply lip liner. I like MAC Spice, Stripdown and Currant.  Stripdown is a bit on the lighter side, Spice is a few shades darker, and Currant is even darker with some plum tones. I would use Stripdown for lighter skin, Spice for medium/olive skin, and Currant for dark/ebony tones.  Apply a thick line of lip liner on your lip line.

5. Apply lipstick. Start by applying in the center of the mouth and blend out with your lip brush, blending lip liner and lipstick together. Slowly build up the lipstick color.  Try to avoid completely covering  the lip liner.  The idea is to create a dark to light faded/blended effect, with the color darkest at the lip line, and lightest at center of the mouth.

6. Apply gloss. With a lip brush, start by dabbing a small amount of clear gloss in the center of the mouth and blend outwards to the lip line.   Apply it carefully.  Too much gloss will leave a globby mess.

TIP:  If you make a mistake and get product past the lip line, use a makeup sponge to wipe off any excess.

7. Reapply lip liner. Double check your lip liner.  If the lip liner has been completely covered, lightly reapply your lip liner and blend with a brush to get that natural dark to light faded/blended effect.

And you’re done!

makeup artist brenda


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